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A Renowned Business

Canadian service provider adds assets, facility space

A Canadian company has expanded its capabilities for servicing large and oversized electric motors, generators, and rotating machinery this year with a new workshop that has advanced machinery.

"Thanks to our new state-of-the-art equipment, we can guarantee our customers a full complement of services for all their rotating equipment needs," said Jeff Collins, partner at Renown Electric Motors & Repair Inc., a company that maintains, services, and overhauls AC and DC motors and generators with the goal of preventing costly downtime in client operations. Collins made the statement in a Thomasnet press release. The improvements and additions include the following:

  • 2 – 50-ton, 1 – 45-ton, and several 25-ton bridge and gantry cranes throughout

  • Oversized stripping, painting, and washing booths

  • Large-sized GUSPRO burn-off oven and RAPID bake oven

  • 20-ton Schenck dynamic balancing stand

  • Hipotronics motor test stands to 13.8kV

  • Peerless heavy-duty armature banding lathe and rotor pole assembly lathe

  • 100-ton hydraulic press

  • Large CNC lathe with 70” swing

  • Dynaflux resistance brazing and minac induction brazing machines

  • Winding and formed coil manufacturing equipment.

This new facility joins a 25,000-sq.-ft. main repair location and 12,000-sq.-ft. warehouse, complementing the company's existing in-house and on-site services, 24-hour client assistance capabilities, and customized predictive maintenance programs.

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