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Latest federal budget proposal sounds excited about renewable funding

The latest "fact sheet" released from the White House detailing its most recent budget proposal conveys excitement about the government's plans for renewable energy. While it doesn't convey direct policies, it does appear to dovetail quite heavily with certain environmental and social initiatives being prioritized by the current administration. The numbers are hefty. As none of this has been finalized yet, the entire document and budget proposal are open to interpretation.

"The Budget invests $1.6 billion through the Department of Energy (DOE) to support clean energy workforce and infrastructure projects across the Nation," the document begins. going on to cover specifics including:

"$385 million to weatherize and retrofit homes of low-income Americans, $113 million to create good jobs and ensure reliable supply chains by manufacturing clean energy components here at home, $95 million to electrify Tribal homes and transition Tribal colleges and universities to renewable energy, and $102 million to support utilities and State and local governments in building a grid that is more secure, reliable, resilient, and able to integrate electricity from clean energy sources."

The lengthy document, which can be viewed in its entirety here, goes on to detail the following subheadings related to its proposed impact, claiming it does the following:

-"Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and tackles the climate crisis"

-"Reduces home energy and water costs"

-"Continues to advance clean energy development on public lands"

-"Strengthens and accelerates permitting activities"

-"Invests in climate science and innovation"

-"Advances climate science"

-"Strengthens climate resilience in communities and ecosystems"

-"Increases drought resilience"

-"Delivers for communities often left behind"

-"Reduces health and environmental hazards for at-risk communities"

-"Invests in clean air"

-"Advances climate justice and ensures compliance with the nation's environmental laws

-Supports and expands the American Climate Corps"

-"Promotes equity in STEM education and workforce training"

-"Broadens access to registered apprenticeships in clean energy and the industries of the future"

-"Achieves the administration's historic climate finance pledge"

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