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Schneider showcases fishing recyclables at CES 2022

It seems each year brings a new recycling innovation; some fresh novelty that's added to the matrix of convertable materials. At this year's CES technology expo, French industrial-tech giant Schneider Electric continued that trend with a new way to make electrical products, targeting the high-concern area of ocean plastics in the process.

Under the header of "home energy solutions from recycled ocean plastics", Schneider unveiled its latest innovation via CES' virtual showcase. It claims to be the first company to offer such solutions, which the company also says "create a truly functioning circular economy," per a January 7 press release.

Beginning with "customers in select markets", Schneider's new sustainable products include switches, sockets, and frames. Some of these sockets are pictured below, followed by details of the new product line.

  • The product range includes a switch made from polyamide fishing nets, collected off the coast of India and the Arabian sea and features the Ocean Plastic Logo

  • The product comes in sustainable packaging, eliminating all single-use plastic and non-recyclable materials from the packaging process

  • The product range is the first in the industry to receive the international Cradle to Cradle Silver certification for responsible product design and steps towards a continuous circular economy

  • Fishing nets account for almost 10% of all plastic waste found in the sea: this new Merten model contributes to reducing the 640,000 tons of fishing nets left in the ocean each year and is the first step in making this range of products more sustainable

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